If your reading this page then I guess you're interested in learning to paint in oils. Great! The one question I'm asked the most is 'can anyone learn to paint?' The answer is without doubt 'YES'. With more than 20 years teaching experience behind me, I can honestly say that anyone can. It's a bit like learning to drive, some people take to it more quickly, whilst others (like me) will take a little longer. I also know that you don't need to be talented. But what you do need is enthusiasm! Being excited will carry you along on what will be a journey of discovery. How do I know this? We'll, I've seen so many of my students faces light up with that 'ah-ha' moment when they actually start to 'see' the world around them as though it was their next painting. There is truely an artist in everyone.

I know you'll have a ton of questions about all this, so I've put together some of the most often asked ones with some answers. If you have others, please ask me. I'm just an email away.

Q: Are your tutorials for beginners?

A: Absolutely. I don’t assume you have any prior experience of painting. My videos teach step by step from a blank canvas explaining each stage in detail.
I use plain English too - so no fancy 'art speak' here.
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Q: But I can't draw. So, can I still learn to paint?

A: You don't need any drawing skills. I teach using simple outlines, and if it’s more difficult I supply a template with the tutorial for you to trace.

By the way, tracing is not cheating! We're here to paint, not draw. But oddly enough, you will find that over time, your drawing skills will improve from tracing and painting.

Q: How much will it cost?

A: Spending your hard-earned pennies on a new hobby can soon mount up. So, my 'Learn to Paint in Oils' tutorial is all about making things affordable. My target budget for materials was £50*. As you progress you can add to your kit.
DVD's postage is free for the UK. Please see our shipping page for overseas orders.
*July 2021 - Prices

Q: What if I get stuck?

A: I'm here to help. My tutorials are designed to coach you every step of the way. I suggest you watch the tutorial all the way through and make a note of any questions before you get started. You can email me in advance and If you need more detailed help then I can arrange a telephone call too.

Q: How long will each painting take?

A: That depends on you! Each of my paintings were filmed over several days so you can take you time. Some sections require the paints to be wet for blending so watch the tutorials in advance to get an idea of how much time you might need.

Q: Do you use special paint?

A: You can use any brand of oil paint you wish. For ease of use and affordability I am using Water Mixable Oils so that you can wash your brushes in soap and water! If you use traditional oils, you will need to wash your brushes in thinners.

Q: Can I sell my Paintings?

A: Whilst my tutorials are copyrighted your paintings are yours to do with as you wish.
All reference photographs are from copyright free sources such as Pixabay.
If you show or publish your work, we would appreciate it if you would add ‘After Paul Ranson Art’ to the title.

Q: Is this a course?

A: Each tutorial is a standalone painting project. I decided to do this so that even a novice can follow the basic set up each time without having seen a previous tutorial. I make no assumptions as to whether or not you’ve seen any of my other tutorials.

So you can paint as many of them as you like!

Q: I need some more information. How do I contact you?

A: The best way is to drop me an email. Here’s a link to my contact page. 'Contact Me'

I’m online most days Monday - Friday so I should be able to respond withing a short period of time.