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  1. I've really enjoyed the online tutorials - got my oil pants out during the lockdown - after a gap of 20+ years - and am quietly pleased with the result.
    Eagerly awaiting more videos!

    Thank you for your kind comment. Its breaking new ground for us so its good to know we're on track.

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  2. I have been to a quite a few classes with Paul and Terri, they are truly great teachers that communicate In a honest and supportive way, that for me has increased my confidence in how I put paint on a canvas.
    These classes are friendly and aimed at all levels, I challenge anyone to leave the class without learning something.
    I want to thank them both for the endless hours they must put in, to ensure their classes are both fresh and informative, it is much appreciated.

    Thank you LLoyd for your great comments. It's true we do put in a fair few hours for each class but its all worth while when we get such lovely feed back. We had great teachers so it's our chance to pass on what we learned.

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  3. It's not often I leave reviews, with exception for outstanding experiences. Paul and Terri, you are an absolute credit to teaching. Despite ending up with more paint on me than the canvas, both of you helped turn my messy swatches into a true piece of art now proudly displayed on my wall. Neither myself nor my partner quite knew what to expect from our first class, but we certainly did not believe we would come away with the paintings we did!
    If you're even pondering the possibilty of "shall I have a go?", absolutely do it, you won't regret it!

    Thank you Jordan and Ryan for such a glowing review. Considering the long drive before the class and it being your first painting you both did really well. We look forward to seeing you at a future class. - Paul and Terri

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  4. I have spent many happy hours over several years with

    PAUL & TERRI.. & Have completed lots of paintings

    Wonderful teachers....I AM SAD as I have moved to

    North Devon & can't visit like I did.

    Keep painting.

    Paul- Thank you Eva for those kind words. We'll carry on spreading the joy of painting.

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  5. Dear Paul and Terri,
    I don't know how many classes I have done now, but the walls have no more space to hang more paintings. I already have lots in a cupboard to change around, and yet, I still look forward to my next class. Very often, I don't realize what I have produced until the next day, and it often comes as quite a shock. When I am up close to the painting in class, I do not "see the woods for the trees", It is not till I look at it from a distance that I see what I have produced! I am amazed that you can get fantastic pictures from 1st timers, often they are better than us regulars! Paul, you have a very special gift in the relaxed way you teach us, you take trouble to explain fully what we are about to do and give us individual help when we need it. You rectify our mistakes in a flash, with such ease! I have had a lot of lecturers (and teachers) in the past, but you are outstanding, Paul, as is Terri. I cannot praise both of you enough and as they say, "the proof of the painting is in the picture"
    Looking forward to the next class, Barry.

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  6. Many thanks for a great day and your patience teaching us. We still look at the wonderful paintings and can't believe we did them (with a little help! LOL), on our first attempt ever at Oil painting.

    Reply: Thank you both for your kind comments. It was great fun to see you both complete lovely paintings and we look forward to seeing you at future classes.

    - Paul and Terri-

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  7. When I first saw this site I doubted very much whether I would be able to produce a Painting that I would be proud of. I have no background in art other than doodling while talking on the phone. I was quite pessimistic regarding the outcome, but I took the chance.
    Paul and Terri are excellent at teaching and will give you as much time and help as is needed. I have been to a few of Paul and Terri's classes now and wouldn't miss them.
    Excellent at what they do and really nice people.
    You won't regret letting them show you what you can do, take a chance and be surprised.

    Reply: Thank you Tony for your kind comments. Its great to know that our classes are hitting the creative 'funny bone' - Paul

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